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We offer many flexible payment plans to fit everyone’s budget.  At Johnston’s you will be charged only for the propane.   There are no added fees such as delivery fees, hazmat fees, nor any regulatory fees.  Tank installation is free with up to 25 feet of gas line for new customers.

Budget Plan

The budget plan is a plan designed to spread your higher heating winter bills over a 12 month period.  We compute your monthly rate by multiplying the current price per gallon by how many gallons you used over the previous twelve months, and then divide by 12 to come up with your estimated monthly payment. The plan runs from August through July, then recalculates in August. We do allow customers to enroll or withdrawal at any time during the year. Customers will receive a statement each month showing how much propane was received, what was paid and your overall account status. Adjustments can be made to your monthly budget amount if usage changes for any reason. Please call the office for more information or enrollment.    

Pay As You Go

After each delivery our driver will leave a ticketed invoice at your home payable within 30 days of delivery.  You can pay by mail, in person at our office or by credit card either over the phone or online bill pay. 

Pre Buy Plan

Many customers prefer the certainty of pre-purchasing their entire propane for the season at a locked-in rate by participating in the Pre Buy Plan.  The pre buy or lock-in rate per gallon is based on the number of gallons used in the previous year.  Payment is required in advance to take advantage of locking in a rate.   Pay once and we will fill you up all season!   Contact us to learn more or to enroll today!


Auto Pay

Have payments charged to your credit card automatically whenever a delivery is made to your home or business. 


On-line Bill Pay

Use this website to make a secure payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

My Account Portal

Click the button to Make a Payment, Request Delivery & View your invoices.


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