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Q:  What if I need to contact Johnston’s Propane outside of regular business hours?

A:  Johnston’s propane provides an on-call technician and 24 hour service to any existing customer who may need emergency assistance.  

Q:  How do I read my tank gauge?

A:  Tanks of 50 gallon capacity or larger have a gauge.  The gauge is located on top of the tank under the liftable lid.  The tank gauge reads in percentages from 0% to 100% with 80% being considered full.  If your 250 gallon tank reads 20% than you have 50 gallons of propane in the tank. (250 x .20 =50)


Q:  Who owns the tank at my house?

A:  In most instances, Johnston’s Propane owns and maintains the tank at your home.  If you are not sure please call the office to confirm ownership. 

Q:  Who do I call if I need service?

A:   We service all propane appliances that we sell, as well as those that we don’t sell but may install or convert.  We do not service furnaces or boilers, but will gladly refer you to a dependable HVAC contractor.

Q:  When should I call you for a delivery?

A:   If you are a call in customer, you need to place an order for propane when your tank is between 20%-25%.  That gives us enough time to work your delivery into our scheduled routes.  If you are an automatic delivery customer and your tank reads 20%, please call us to make sure you are scheduled for a delivery soon. 

Q:  Why did I get charged a special delivery fee?

A:  We have found that many unscheduled deliveries are caused by late payments or will-call customers who have not notified us in time for a delivery.  Our delivery trucks work a scheduled area each day.  If we have to pull a truck from its normal route or after hours to make a special, unscheduled delivery, we may charge a delivery fee to offset some of the truck and driver expenses that it causes us.   To avoid these charges please place your order when your tank is between 20%-25%. 

Q:  Why should I be on automatic delivery?

A:   Automatic delivery eliminates having to monitor your tank gauge and placing a propane order.  Customers today with their busy schedules, often forget to look at their gauge, which may cause them to run out and be charged a delivery fee.  If you are an automatic customer and find yourself out of propane, there is no special delivery fee provided your account is current. 

Q:  What do I do if I smell gas?

A:  If you smell gas inside your home, exit your house first.  Do not turn anything on or off such as lights or appliances, and call us immediately.  We will send a service technician over immediately. 

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