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Automatic Delivery

Our delivery trucks work a scheduled area each day.   We use a computerized degree-day system, which we monitor daily, to calculate when our automatic delivery customers will need a fill-up.  Automatic delivery eliminates the responsibility of keeping an eye on the tank gauge as well as taking the chance of putting yourself in a run out situation.  Accounts are set up to receive a delivery when their tank reads around 25%, which in the colder months is around every 4-6 weeks depending on your usage record.   As an automatic customer if you ever find your tank empty there is no charge for emergency service provided your account is current.

Call In

Call in customers should place their propane orders when the tank gauge reads between 20% & 25%.   This gives us time to work your delivery into our scheduled routes.  This may take up to 5 working business days.

Use this form

to schedule a non urgent propane delivery or service call.

Your request for delivery may take up to to 5 business days.

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